About Shoe School

As a Shoe School student, you'll be given the skills and creative control to create a pair of your very own shoes. And as a Shoe School alumni you will be equipped with the knowledge to carry on with shoemaking in your own home!


Hi, I'm Louise - I'm a shoemaker and teacher based in Wellington, New Zealand. I run workshops from my studio and throughout the country.

I first began making shoes when I moved to Dunedin 10 years ago. I couldn’t find work and decided this was my chance to learn shoemaking - something I’ve been curious about since a teen, obsessively saving for my 1st pair of Doc Martens.

At that time it wasn't possible to study shoemaking in NZ, so with nothing to lose I sold some of my belongings and traveled to Australia to train. I was absolutely determined to set up a studio of my own, so I launched a small business and used the profits to buy antique shoemaking equipment. I launched Shoe School officially in November 2015 and since then have helped students create over 150 pairs of shoes!

I've recently returned from a 2 month trip in Asia, learning from a master Sensei in Japan and travelling to Hong Kong and China to source tools and materials for my NZ Shoe School students, and in October 2017 will be relocating Shoe School to Wellington, New Zealand.